Jan 2023

What makes Squiggle Consult Different?


A new year and new resolutions (that is if you are serious about fulfilling them).

One of your resolutions this year maybe to set up a will. However, with so many estate planning companies to choose from, it can be a stressful and exhausting experience to find a professional(and genuine) one that will write you an appropriate will.

That’s where Squiggle Consult comes in.

You might be wondering what makes SquiggleConsult different from all the other estate planning companies. Well, these five points will make you see Squiggle Consult differently from its competitors.

1)   FREE introductory consultation

We understand that estate planning consultations can be expensive, which is why Squiggle Consult offers a FREE introductory consultation. This introductory consultation is for the consultant to help you choose what type of estate plan or will is best suited for you and for you to see whether you want to continue with Squiggle Consult.

We know that it is frustrating when you still have to pay the advice fee of a costly introductory consultation despite not buying any product or service. With Squiggle Consult’s introductory consultation, even if you do not decide to go ahead with us, you will not lose any money.

2)   Simplicity

If there is one thing worse than an expensive introductory consultation, it is one where you have been confused and bombarded by legal jargon. We understand that this can not only make you feel belittled but may also give you the impression that your consultant or point of contact is intentionally confusing you or forcing you to purchase a particular (often the most expensive) estate plan or will.

However, at Squiggle Consult, we do our utmost to explain estate planning scenarios to you in simple layman’s terms. The last thing we want is for you to feel baffled and irritated in a consultation. We give you the knowledge to choose the right plan for you.

We are ecstatic whenever our clients say that they better understand the estate planning information we discuss with them as it not only shows us that we have not wasted your time, but also brings you one step closer to finding the perfect estate plan or right type of will.


3)   …..Patience

In the fast-paced industry of estate planning, you may feel like you are being rushed into purchasing a will.

At Squiggle Consult, we will proceed at your own pace. We understand that setting up a will can be a long and daunting task as it involves you thinking about who to appoint as executors, how much money to give to your beneficiaries and how you want your estate to be dealt with. On top of that, you need to collect identification documents, estimate the valuation of your belongings and inform your loved ones about all this.

If you feel like you need time to think about these matters, you are more than free to pause or postpone your estate plan with us and then return to us when you have sorted everything out. If you are planning to do this though, please let us know the next best time to contact you (e.g. in a week’s time or in a month’s time).

4)   Transparency

At Squiggle Consult, your trust in us is most important.

Whether it is about the expected timescale to complete your estate plan or a document that we need from you, we will let you know as soon as possible and ensure that you are regularly updated on the progress of your estate plan.

5)   We keep our promises

Worried about your consultant or point of contact not getting back to you after you phoned or emailed them? Don’t worry- at Squiggle Consult, we have a policy to return calls and emails within 24 hours.