LegacyGuard: Securing Your Family's Future

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After creating your Will to protect your loved ones, it's crucial to consider its aftercare. In addition to safely storing your documents, we offer the assurance of regular updates and invaluable expert guidance, ensuring the ongoing integrity of your Will. Safeguarding your loved ones' future begins with creating a Will, but it doesn't end there. Protect your Will from potential damage that could render it invalid and lead to unwanted outcomes. Entrust its safety to LegacyGuard.

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Secure your family's future with Squiggle’s LegacyGuard. Trust us to protect your legal documents and provide the support you and your loved ones deserve.

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Benefits of LegacyGuard:

By utilising LegacyGuard, individuals can ensure their last wishes are known, followed, and that their family is provided with the necessary guidance and support during estate administration. Additional benefits include: 

LegacyGuard Vault:

LegacyGuard Vault is a highly encrypted and secure cloud storage platform where you keep all your digital records. In the event of your death, your assets will be quickly and securely delivered to the loved ones you selected.

  • Important business documents and manuals will be organised
  • Ensure your phone and computer can be accessed
  • Store all passwords to prevent your family losing data 
  • Your wishes and instructions will be left for your Lawyer and Spouse

Care Instructions

What is your cat's favourite toy? Where does your dog love his walks? What are your children's Allergies?


How do they cancel your Netflix? How do they access your work email? How do they email your clients?

Photo and Videos

Do you have captured memories on your devices that they'd love to have? Videos of holidays or special events?

Personal Messages

Recorded videos or write letters for loved ones. Often we don't say it enough - just how much people mean to us.

Legal Documents

Make sure there are copies of your Will, Land Titles, Power of Attorney and their locations to save days of searching.


Do you have important records or cryptocurrency stored on devices? These are impossible to get into without the logins.

Unlimited Updates to your Estate Planning

  • Keep your legal documents up to date and in line with any changes in your circumstances - or that of legislation changes.
  • Ensure the accuracy and relevance of your Will and associated documents.
  • Stay prepared for any life events or changes that may require modifications.
  • Make changes to your Will without incurring any charges.
  • Update addresses, include small gifts, add or remove beneficiaries, change executors or guardians conveniently.
  • Ensure your Will reflects your current wishes and circumstances.

Expert Advice and Support

  • Receive professional guidance and assistance to minimise future stress and costs for your family.
  • Benefit from expert insights on estate planning, administration, and probate matters.
  • Access a free legal helpline for any questions or concerns you may have - about all aspects of Law, not just estate planning!

Up to 2-Hour Free Probate Assistance

  • Provide your executors with valuable support during the probate process.
  • Benefit from a complimentary 2-hour session to assist with estate administration.

Store Your Legal Documents with Confidence

Rest assured, we take the responsibility of safeguarding your legal documents seriously. By entrusting us with their storage, you eliminate the risks they face when kept at home. The potential dangers of loss, destruction, or tampering are mitigated, ensuring the integrity and effectiveness of your Will. Avoid lengthy delays, substantial costs, and complications that could arise from such threats. Additionally, secure storage protects the proper application of intestacy laws and ensures that your wishes are not only known but also faithfully followed.

  • Enjoy safe and secure storage of your legal documents.
  • Benefit from unlimited storage capacity for all your important paperwork.
  • Receive a copy of your Will for your records.


Get the Legacy Vault today

Secure your family's future with Squiggle’s LegacyGuard. Trust us to protect your legal documents and provide the support you and your loved ones deserve.

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