Squiggle and the community

Supporting Our Community

We continually seek ways of giving something back to those communities that have supported us, whether by raising funds for a local charity, pro-bono work or through our Charitable Trust, Squiggle Giving.

Squiggle Giving

We established a Charitable Trust in 2020  with the aim of making grants to local charities based mainly in and around Kent. The Trustees meet regularly to review applications for grants from the trust which range from £250 to £2500 each with most grants being used for one off projects.

The Foundation benefits from the fantastic generosity of our clients who have donated funds during their lives or given legacies in their Wills. For further information on either donating or making an application to the Foundation, click here.

Dementia Friends

The Dementia Friends programme by the Alzheimer’s society aims to change people’s perception of dementia by transforming how the nation thinks, acts and talks about the condition. Dementia Friends wants to encourage people to learn more about dementia and how they may be able to help others who are affected.

Many people with dementia feel that society does not understand the condition, but by becoming a dementia friend, anyone can help to raise awareness of the condition and help those suffering in their community.

Kieran Osborne, our founder is a regular volunteer at his local Dementia Cafe, taking the time to have a chat & interact with those living with dementia. Through training, workshops and community engagement, Kieran leads efforts to educate colleagues about dementia and challenge perceptions of the condition.

To become a Dementia Friend or to learn more about what they do, please visit their website here.

Hardship Wills

As a socially responsible company, we feel it is our duty to provide planning for those who are unable to afford to. Nobody likes to think that they might not be around to bring up their children. But however unlikely it might seem, it is important to plan for such a situation.

The sad fact is that many parents do die prematurely, either through illness or accident. If there is no provision in a Will, children can be placed in care until the court appoints official guardians to look after them.

In order to avoid this, many parents appoint a guardian. A guardian is a person who has legal responsibility for children in lieu of their parents. The most common method of appointing a guardian is through a Will – this has the added benefit that financial arrangements can be included within the same document.

We take it upon ourselves to prepare a Will free of charge to those who can’t afford one to ensure guardians are appointed.

If you feel you may be eligible, please book an appointment here.

The Bloomers Trust

Our founder, Kieran Osborne, supports The Bloomers Trust as a Trustee. The Bloomers Trust has been set up to show love and compassion through the giving of essential, practical gifts which are not provided by other sources. The Bloomers Trust supplies, wherever possible, items requested by Caseworkers for vulnerable women and babies whom they are supporting. This includes: Pushchairs, Moses Baskets, High chairs, Cots etc. These items will be second hand goods of the highest quality. This will also include items purchased new which are considered as essentials for nursing mums including: breast pads, maternity. You can find out how to support The Bloomers Trust here.

The Environment

As part of our social responsibilities, we are always looking at ways to promote environmental awareness. This is achieved by small but meaningful changes in working patterns, such as turning off lights and monitor screens to recycling toners and shredding confidential waste. Our team are constantly reviewing how we operate and how alternative ways of working can help reduce our impact on the environment. We always use sustainably sourced paper and use digital signing where possible to reduce printing.