Jan 2024

Squiggle Consult and Imago Dei Unite to Leave a Lasting Legacy of Empowerment


At Squiggle Consult, we believe in more than just securing legacies through meticulous Will and Estate planning; we believe in leaving a positive impact that resonates far beyond individual lives. That's why we are thrilled to reconfirm our strategic partnership with Imago Dei, a dynamic Prison Ministry dedicated to supporting and empowering women in prison and beyond.

A Powerful Collaboration for Positive Change

Our collaboration with Imago Dei is more than just a partnership; it's a powerful force for positive change. Squiggle Consult, a leading Will and Estate planning company, is joining hands with Imago Dei to strengthen communities and empower individuals to make a lasting impact on causes they are passionate about.

Empowering Supporters to Make a Difference

As part of this groundbreaking partnership, Squiggle Consult is offering a complimentary basic will to all supporters of Imago Dei. We understand the importance of peace of mind when it comes to safeguarding assets and ensuring a smooth transition for loved ones. This complimentary service ensures that individuals can easily and efficiently document their wishes, leaving a legacy that extends beyond their lifetime.

Creating Transformative Change with Imago Dei

Imago Dei focuses on the rehabilitation and empowerment of women in prison, providing essential resources and support to help them successfully reintegrate into society. By offering a complimentary basic will to those who support Imago Dei, we aim to facilitate a seamless process for individuals to contribute to the transformative work of this vital Prison Ministry.

Pivotal Legacy Donations for Sustainable Impact

The legacy donations generated through this partnership play a pivotal role in ensuring the sustainability of Imago Dei's programs and outreach efforts. Clea Saunders, Head of Fundraising for Imago Dei, expresses her enthusiasm for the collaboration, highlighting how these donations will make a lasting impact on the lives of the women they serve.

How to Get Involved

If you're passionate about leaving a lasting legacy and supporting the incredible work of Imago Dei, contact Clea Saunders at clea@idprisonministry.org.uk or call 01342 477472 ext. Fundraising. For more information about our partnership, feel free to reach out to Louise Tanner at Squiggle Consult - louise.tanner@squiggleconsult.co.uk or 01634 957077.

At Squiggle Consult, we are proud to be part of a collaboration that combines our expertise in Will and Estate planning with Imago Dei's dedication to positive change. Together, we are making a difference in the lives of women in prison and contributing to the betterment of our communities. Join us in leaving a lasting legacy of empowerment and transformation.