Jan 2024

Squiggle Consult and Dads Unlimited announce new charity partnership

Phill Thorne

Squiggle Consult, a trusted name in will and estate planning, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Dads Unlimited, an award-winning charity devoted to supporting the emotional well-being of men and their loved ones. This collaboration seeks to provide an exceptional opportunity to secure their future through complimentary basic wills while also extending a helping hand to the impactful work of Dads Unlimited.

Guided by the compassionate leadership of CEO Kieran Osborne, Squiggle Consult is committed to empowering individuals and families by offering thoughtful will and estate planning services. In this collaboration with Dads Unlimited, Squiggle Consult is taking a step beyond by offering complimentary basic wills that not only safeguard assets but also promote a broader vision of family well-being.

The complimentary wills provided by Squiggle Consult aim to help individuals establish a solid foundation for their family's future, addressing the importance of financial security and asset distribution. This initiative echoes Squiggle Consult's dedication to making will and estate planning accessible to all.

In addition to the complimentary basic wills, this partnership introduces a touching way for individuals to make a lasting impact on the community through legacy donations as Squiggle Consult will offer clients that come from Dads Unlimited, the option to include them in their wills, allowing them to support the charity's mission of fostering emotional safety for men and their loved ones. Legacy donations will play a pivotal role in sustaining Dads Unlimited's impactful programs well into the future.

"We are delighted to join forces with Dads Unlimited in this meaningful venture," said Kieran Osborne, CEO of Squiggle Consult. "Our complimentary basic wills empower individuals to plan for their family's future, and the option to include Dads Unlimited in legacy donations provides an avenue for our clients to make a lasting impact on the community. It's a harmonious collaboration that aligns with our commitment to holistic family well-being."

Millie Moore, Head of Sustainability and Development for Dads Unlimited, expressed heartfelt enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, "Dads Unlimited is dedicated to promoting emotional safety and well-being for men and their families. The collaboration with Squiggle Consult allows us to strengthen our impact and ensure a sustainable future for our programs. We are grateful for the support of Squiggle Consult and look forward to the positive changes this partnership will bring."

This inspiring collaboration between Squiggle Consult and Dads Unlimited exemplifies the profound impact that can be achieved through shared values and a commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of men.

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Millie Moore

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